Development Environment

Java Environment

To setup a Java Environment you will need to execute the following steps

  1. Download Java JDK from Oracle JDK Website (Java Development Kit) from either Oracle’s website or OpenSoure version OpenJDK
  2. JDK has multiple versions - 1.6, 1.7, 1.8, 1.8su73,18.8su74 and 1.9
  3. JDK needs to be installed or unzipped on the Host Machine
  4. PATH and CLASSPATH needs to be setup.
  5. There are third party tools like maven or gradle which need to be used for compiling and executing Java files
  6. There are multiple IDE’s available available with Java Development Environment - IntelliJ, Eclipse for Java, Oracle JDeveloper etc Environment

  1. Create a Salesforce Developer Account
  2. No local installation is done
  3. All the development happens in the browser.
  4. Development IDE is Developer Console